Why Join The TEL.mobi Group?

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Why Join The TEL.mobi Group?

Unique Advantages and Facilities for All Members

A Fully-Functioning TMG Affiliate / VSMP for Eligible Entities, at No Cost

A Position as a TMG Independent Agent


Any person who joins as a Member of the Closed-Loop Members-Only TEL.mobi Group (“TMG”) immediately becomes part of a worldwide community of TMG Members who are – within the Closed-Loop Members-Only community – able to make use of all of these world-class Facilities immediately. The Facilities enable all Members to start saving a great deal of money and time immediately, and also carry out a variety of private or professional activities worldwide with lead-times of seconds as opposed to days. The Facilities available to TMG Members within the Closed-Loop system include those listed below. Full details on How to Use them are available to all Members who have joined, in the “Info and How to Use” pages on every Facility Page on-site:

  • Low-cost Mobile Calls for Local, Long-Distance, International and Roaming Calls
  • Low-cost Mobile Texts for Local, Long-Distance, International and Roaming Texts
  • Low-cost Landline Calls for Local, Long-Distance and International and Roaming Calls
  • Currency Wallets in Multiple Currencies
  • Currency Conversions with Extremely Favorable Rates
  • Top-Up Transfers in 1/100th of a Second
  • ICLM Direct-to-Mobile-Bill Transfers / Payments in 1/100th of a Second
  • Account-Loading by secured Payment Gateway
  • Account-loading by Encrypted Top-Up Voucher
  • Detailed Itemized History
  • And many more Facilities
  • Safe and Secure
  • Available to and from All Smart Phone Platforms
  • Available to and from all pre-Smart Basic Mobile Phones and Feature Phones
  • Available to and from all Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and other PEDs
  • Free to Join and Easy to Use
  • Worldwide

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Eligible Entities can apply to establish a Fully-Functioning TEL.mobi Group (“TMG”) Affiliate at no cost.

This is a similar system to the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (“MVNO”) system provided by Mobile Network Operators (“MNOs”). These are examples of MVNOs:


The driving Mobile Provider of the TMG is a Specialized Mobile Provider (“SMP”). The Affiliates are known as Virtual Specialized Mobile Providers (“VSMPs”). These are examples of TMG VSMPs:


The Primary Differences between the MVNO System and the VSMP Program are the following:

  • With the VSMP Program, Eligible Entities will receive a Full-Service VSMP at no start-up cost, no franchise fee, no running costs, no equipment costs, no personnel requirement and no other investment required at all.
  • With the VSMP Program, and Eligible Entity’s own VSMP can be up and running on the same day of Application if the Application is approved.
  • With the VSMP Program Mobile and Landline Telephony services are provided, as well as the full range of subsidiary services such as Multi-Currency Wallets, Currency Conversions, Top-Up Transfers, ICLM Direct-to-Mobile-Bill Payments/Billing, and many more.
  • With the VSMP Program, the full Support Function is provided by the SMP.
  • The VSMP revenue-shares with the SMP.
  • The VSMP is able to provide the same low-cost services that the SMP provides (no pricing difference at all), which substantially lower its Members costs, and are consequently very popular.
  • The VSMP Program opportunity is only available to Members within the Members-Only Closed-Loop TMG system.


More information on the TMG VSMP Opportunity – and on how to apply to establish a TMG VSMP – can be found at these links:

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TMG Members are able to apply for a position as a TMG Independent Agent.

The TMG Independent Agent Program provides an equal opportunity to all and any persons in all and any countries to become part of one of the fastest-growing and most inclusive self-employment movements in the world.

Successful Applicants who receive Consent can act as an Independent Agents in their own time, at their own pace, as self-employed persons; with the opportunity to obtain very significant Commission Donations from their activities.

Moreover, the Independent Agent Program does not require buying or selling of any item or service at all, and Independent Agents can elect to carry out their activities part-time or full-time, in their own time, and according to their personal preference.

Additionally, there are no costs involved in becoming or acting as an Independent Agent, and there are no equipment or other requirements other than an internet-enabled Mobile Phone and/or a Tablet, Laptop or Personal Computer.

The Independent Agent opportunity entails simply the giving away of TEL.mobi Group VSMP (Affiliate) opportunities, at no cost, to Eligible Entities sourced or selected by them.

More information on the TMG Independent Agent Opportunity can be found at this link:

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